xboxlive people screwed me over and I’m so pissed I’m about to go run a bridge. I’m done with xboxlive. 

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Never traveling with my cousin ever again. She ruins everything just like she ruined NY whatevs.. I’m over it and I’m kidnapping her DDR Yeah

I swear the universe aligns against me…

The one day/summer I go to New York, is when the final Harry Potter movie comes out. So not only will I not be seeing it but I had plans with my best friend to see it and I haven’t hung out with her in fucking forever. I was so excited. Now i’m really sad the movies are coming to an end and I won’t even see it at midnight like I wanted :”[

I changed my url to celebrate. And I wish I was in London right now.. FML

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I would NEVER reblog a picture about someone else’s body, nude or not, just to trash it, be mean, or try to hurt someone. EVER.